How to communicate effectively

Communication is very important and major part of our life. Everyone should know how to communicate. This skill impacts success of personal as well as professional life.

You can do anything with good communication skills you can crack deals, inspire people, build strong relationships. Down below are some tips which may help you in becoming better communicator.

  1. Smile – Smile while talk makes other person comfortable. Caution: be logical. Smiling all the time looks wired and artificial.
  2. Sticky eyes - Do eye contact while you talk. Caution: be logical. Staring like a robot makes others feel uncomfortable.
  3. Avoid fidget – stop fidget while you speak. It makes your impression untrustworthy.

Caution: It’s not always true but it defiantly gives negative cues.

  1. Positivity in conversation – always keep positivity in your conversation. Nobody is interested listening your worst life experiences. It makes you boring and negative.
  2. Modern day man - people may have different likings but they must possess some information about all fields. It helps connecting better.
  3. Word detective – listen carefully to find out others liking and disliking. This will help you build strong relationship. Caution: This you may not learn overnight but develop over period.
  4. Comm’you’nication – stop talking about yourself all the time. Speak less listen more.

Think about it. Bring a change.

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