7 Stages of Success

Success is a journey. It’s lifelong and built with unpredictable ups and downs. Success is always built upon risk, change, and personal development. The journey teaches you to cope with failure. You learn to get up anyway, and to push onward towards your dreams. Many start their journey smooth road and less slippery, but success is rarely, that type of journey if ever.


  1. Pain. Every successful person travels a painful journey. Suffering is an integral and essential part of any real pursuit of success. Accept suffering as a traveling companion, rather than resist it and create more struggles. Uncertainty and stress both forces you to make adjustments but also mentor you toward further success.


  1. Don’t give up prematurely. As you wonder through your more directionless times on your journey, you will experience intense moments of feeling lost and hopeless. During these times you must hold tight to your vision and take back control of your motivation.


  1. You will lose relationships. Success takes a tremendous amount of effort and sacrifice. You will likely lose relationships with those who do not passionately share in your vision. As you succeed your path will narrow; there are fewer people at the top.


  1. People will discourage you. Never share your dreams to dream-stealers and naysayers. The human mind is programmed to believe the negative. You have to make yourself immune to these influences when you set out on your quest for success. Work quietly and let your success do the talking.


  1. People will hate you. Reality is, people don’t tend to like other successful people. There will always be a certain percentage of people who will not like you no matter who you are or what you do. Use these people and experiences as training. Success is always the greatest revenge. Learn to let your haters make you greater.


  1. You will doubt yourself. Nine times out of ten, when you start a new venture you will go in and out of feeling utterly paralyzed. It’s because you doubt yourself. You doubt because you don’t want to make the wrong decisions and end up in an unrecoverable mistake. Keep in mind there are no unrecoverable mistakes, there are only new directions. Doubt and delay, when paired, derail success. The important thing is that you act in spite of them.


  1. You will fail. Risk taking is at the very heart of any quest for success. Risk is, by nature, scary. You may lose your life savings or lose your reputation. You risk criticism and humiliation. The rewards can be great, but so can the cost. You will fail and you will have to rise. Each risk gone wrong is really a risk gone well because it leads you in a new direction to take a new risk. Failure’s purpose is to fine-tune your efforts towards success.


It will all be worth it. To achieve anything you have to think positive about what you are doing. You have to believe that you will succeed, and you have to trust the process. When the right thoughts and actions are combined there is nothing you cannot achieve. With the right idea, attitude, and thoughts a struggle really is nothing but another essential component of your success. It all starts with you.

Think about it! Bring a change.

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