Why we need to hire a consultant for tasks we can do ourselves?

You could easily spend 200 hours or more preparing policies and strategies, building processes & systems, training modules, distribution channels and customer base even if you have an MBA. This is time you should probably be spending building your investor grade business plans, financial forecast, expansion plans, new ideas. In addition to our expertise in preparing these materials we work as your extended support without hampering your routine.

What is your specialization?

Our experts has more then 15 years of experience in various fields of SALES. Say it retail, wholesale, marketing, logistics, warehousing, front end sales staffing and any other sort of SALES connected tasks you may think of.

We are fairly good at HUF, Partnership, Sole Proprietor and Family Owned Business.

Is it worth increasing overheads?

First of all, You do not increase your overheads but you make a logical investment. This investment is going to yields fast returns (results).

How do you charge your fee?

Believe us, we are inexpensive. We work on flexible model with clients depending on need and size.  The idea is to provide custom made services to deliver sure shot results and improve ROI.