Services that delivers results

KBC Retail Consulting has a history of helping retailers create substantive financial performance.

In addition to developing innovative, practical solutions that are custom for every client, KBC’s team of specialists work collaboratively with client to manage the implementation and change management to ensure they realize the anticipated benefits. We are proud of our record of delivering exceptional results for our clients in every retail sector, including department store, mass, luxury, discount etc.

Developing Retail Store

  • Re allocation of retail space
  • Enhance Product display and Visual merchandising
  • Retail Operation
  • Enhance overall customer experience

Warehouse / Production

  • Warehouse Operation
  • Improve logistics and supply chain
  • Order / procurement / replenishment cycle
  • Inventory planning
  • Production planning


  • Setting up Team
  • Setting up Sales Processes and Strategies
  • Setting up logistics

Building a Retail Strategies

  • Cost Control and Optimization
  • Retail marketing and promotion
  • Sales Growth planning
  • Mystery Shopping Audit

Human Resource

  • Recruitment Support
  • Employee Policies
  • Staff Evaluation
  • Training & Motivation
  • Team Building Activities

Associate Services

  • Corporate Sales
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing

Quick Meet

We offer fresh ideas and solutions to every challenges you face in your business. You may call us for a quick meeting to understand how we can help you. 

What is Quick Meet?

Our service is available all across INDIA. We will meet with you in person for 60 minutes or over phone depending on location and discuss about your existing business or evolving ideas in order to provide you initial inputs, answer all your quires and tell you how our consulting programs can help you.

Why you need us?

There are many tasks which are routine in nature or it may require special skills to accomplish. In such cases either you hire someone at high package or you have to invest your own time. We help you to accomplish such tasks in reasonable time and fee.    

What you invest?

You just invest Rs.9,999 as 'Quick Meet' fee for recommendations and suggestions we provide in case you choose to do it yourself.

We waive off this fee in case you decide to hire us.

Think about it. Bring a change.