Social Skills

Generally, everyone desires to be liked by others. This is their emotional need also. Humans are social animal and to move ahead in life of to achieve success or just to be happy in life you need to deal with different people. That’s why this is very important to develop our social skills.

People are successful not because they are smart, talented or rich but their social skills are very sharp and they know how to connect people.

  1. Listen – The root cause of most social issues is everyone wants to speak and no one wants to listen. If you notice carefully, the problem of an angry customer or dissatisfied employee is the feeling that no one listens to them. Be the empathetic listener and understand them, listen and acknowledge their issues you will see lot of difference.


  1. People love their name- Though Someone says ‘what’s in a name but it’s not true always. We like our name when someone remembers it, likes it or names it. It gives feeling of pride. This technique is used by big companies to sell their products and services. Remember and respect people’s name. It sounds small but it sends negative signals if you don’t remember name or pronounce it in a wrong way.


  1. Interest people – As I said earlier, people only have interest in things which matters to them. No one cares about others interest. So talk about others interest and likings which will make you likable and interesting.


  1. Appreciation – Everyone thinks they are better in at least one thing compare to others. Not only that but they love if others notice that one thing and acknowledge that. That makes them feel important.

Think About it. Bring a Change.

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